Stan Vogels

Astro NaudG


Astro Naud (pun intended) is a space climbing game with a twist. When you get a new high score while climbing you also need to go all the way back to save your score! So be careful when reaching your high score, you can lose it in a second.

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What have I learned?

This was my first team project in Unity3D. I didn't learn Git yet so we used Unity collaboration. As one of my first projects, it is really messy but I am still very proud of this game. It was a long time ago but you can see the effort we have put into this game.

Programming (general)
This was one of my first projects ever, besides some pong games. It was awesome to see your first game come to life. In this project, I learned a lot about Unity3D and programming in general.

teamwork / Scrum
The first project I worked on with more than 1 person. It was awesome to see art en programming come together to create something that is 100% yours. The teamwork went great. This was also the first time I used Scrum as a planning method.